Course Research Streams, 2019/20


As science and knowledge evolve, so their visual and audiovisual representations and translations increase in complexity. Not only the most varied scientific areas need to perfect their own visualization systems, knowledge as a whole needs to develop ways in which it may be incorporated by both wide and specialized target populations.

This issue becomes even more pressing at a time when socio-economic challenges demand the capacitation of the individual in his/her ways of formulating and developing wealth – be it financial, experiential, affective or intellectual.

Design of Science, Design as Science thus welcomes projects interested in addressing this emerging vocation of Design: both as a trans-disciplinary field communicating, connecting and supporting various sciences, and as an intrinsic scientific territory, weaving through external methodologies and consolidating its own.


As part of the Course’s partnership with the University of Porto’s Science and Technology Park, we invite candidates whose projects aim to consolidate relationships and dynamics between Design Research and sustainable development.

This may firstly be obtained through a development of partnerships with UPTEC’s local ecosystem of SMEs; however, any context of a potential for self-sustained wealth (social, economic, entrepreneurial or otherwise) is welcome and will be considered.


This stream proposes to address shifts currently occurring in the socio-economical landscape, through a multiple calibration of the civic vocation of contemporary media – particularly in its horizontal parameters, accessible and of a playful and oneiricist expectation.

New media have been reconfiguring expectations, channels, needs, compulsions, rituals of engagement.
Former social structures are changing dramatically: there is a need to interpret, translate and communicate these shifts as they happen.
Socio-economic changes have brought a sense of perplexity in face of growing inequalities. This perplexity traverses the traditional roles of design, especially in its relations with consumer culture.
Communities at risk may, paradoxically, become the center for the emergence of a healthier template of cooperation and solidarity.

Sharing an ethos with the futureplaces medialab for citizenship, this research stream encourages projects of a bold, exploratory nature, envisioning hypothetical paths for design, media and semantic development.