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Applications for 2021/22 are now open.

Welcome to the Doctoral Program in Design, an interface Course between Design, Science and Entrepreneurship. PhDDesign is a partnership between the University of Porto and the University of Aveiro, in association with ID+ Research Institute for Design, Media and Culture, and the U.Porto Science and Technology Park.

Course Directors
Professor Heitor Alvelos, U.Porto
Professor Joana Quental, U.Aveiro

A hub environment facilitates knowledge exchange and reciprocal relevance stemming from ongoing research. Various long-terms projects hosted by the Program welcome new, contrasting and complementary contributions from multi-disciplinary perspectives.

The Course is bilingual (Portuguese/English), and includes teachers and researchers in Design, Philosophy, Engineering, Economics, Gender Studies, Sociology and Management. The web of institutional partners operate under the same understanding of multi-disciplinarity. The course partnership with the University of Porto’s Science and Technology Park [UPTEC] is, first and foremost, a mutual opportunity for a tangible exploration of research and creative practice in collaborative, complementary and dynamic ecosystems.

The program is hosted in its own, 24/7 studio located at UPTEC’s Creative Industries Center, an immersive environment where students, staff and researchers collaborate, ample in opportunities for partnerships and parallel initiatives.

PhDDesign has been awarded Excellence Status by The Foundation for Science and Technology.





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